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Patient Testimonials

I was suffering with severe neck pain and stiffness, pain and stiffness in both shoulders and pain in both arms. I had tried other remedies and just living with the pain. I then fell and the pain was greater than ever. So, I gave in and went to see Dr. Geders and I'm very glad, because it was probably one of my best decisions!

As a result of the adjustments, I have less pain and much better movement in the neck, shoulders and arms. All around body movement is 95% better than before. I am able to turn my head to the left and right further than before. I now have much better movement in my neck and shoulders than before.

I love the Impulse iQ instrument used to adjust my spine. From each comfortable impulse the ache or pain decreased and after each treatment I felt better than before I went in for the treatment. In fact, I wanted to take it home with me, but the doctor wouldn't let go of it!

-- Charles Poling, Huntington, IN

I was suffering with constant back pain with pain building up until I could not function at all! I had regular migraine headaches which limited mobility. My symptoms were so severe, I literally had to think about walking and balance; pick up leg, move it forward, set it down. My legs and feet had a loss of feeling as if they were asleep and I had to really watch the location of my feet when walking, because I could injure my feet and leg and not realize it.

Since receiving spinal adjustments, my back pain is only occasional and mild. I do not have migraines like I did. I have more mobility and do not have to think about walking. I have more feeling in my legs, too. I can carry a laundry basket, play with my grandkids, talk on the phone and carry on a conversation. Prior to treatment, these activities were all very difficult to do causing extreme pain.
All I feel when being adjusted by the Impulse iQ is a slight pressure. Usually by the time the pressure feeling has left, I feel relief from by symptoms.

-- Karen Young, North Manchester, IN

I was experiencing severe low back pain, right hip pain and numbness in my right leg. I was referred to a surgeon for back surgery, but I did not want back surgery!

Within 4 or 5 weeks of receiving Impulse iQ adjustments, I had almost no pain in the low back and right hip. If I overdo some things, I only have some discomfort, but no pain. Prior to treatment I could only walk short distances before I would have to stop and rest. The amount of gardening was limited due to my symptoms. Now I can walk as much as I want and can do more gardening, as well.

The Impulse iQ adjustments are very comfortable. There is no pain or pressure and no cracking of bones. It's great!

-- Elaine Gardiner, Huntington, IN

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the dramatic decrease of pain in my back and for the fact that I can actually remain relatively pain free indefinitely.

I lived with excruciating low back pain since I was about 16 years old. A back surgeon wanted to fuse my lower spine when I was only 22 years old! I decided against that because of the physical limitations he told me I would have to live with. Over and over again, I was tried on physical therapy, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories and pain medications, none of which helped more than just temporarily (the physical therapy always actually made me worse). I had no choice but to live with the almost unbearable pain, having to literally push my legs and myself out of bed many mornings just to get started.

Then, 23 years later I gave in and had the fusion performed. After the long, long healing process, I was pain free for a short while, only to have the pain come back as severe as before surgery. So, another surgeon wanted to fuse the next level higher in my spine, just 1.5 years after the original surgery!! Of course, I refused, deciding to live with the pain. As it continued to get worse and worse, I called Dr. Geders as what I thought was a last-ditch effort. Chiropractic treatment was the only thing I had not tried.

Now, I feel like a new person! I wish I had chosen this treatment years and years ago!! I would have saved so much pain, suffering and money! In the past I thought my only choice was to get worse and worse. NOW I KNOW I CAN FEEL GOOD AND STAY WELL!!!!


- Aline S.

I had aching, burning - constant pain in my left hip and lower back. It was severely limiting my ability to function. I was unable to do the simplest things without pain. At first I was afraid of chiropractic care. I even had my husband come with me on my first visit. But I knew that my family doctor would put me on pain pills and muscle relaxers, and I did not want to be medicated like that. So, I decided to try chiropractic and I'm glad I did. Today I am pain-free and able to enjoy my life. Thank you, Dr. Geders! CHIROPRACTIC WORKS!

- Joy K.

I bent over at work and when I stood up my low back went out. It was the most painful feeling I've ever had. It felt like someone stabbed me. Dr. Geders has worked wonders. From the first visit I could feel a difference. I was one who didn't know about chiropractors and how effective they were. Let me tell you "THEY WORK" and don't believe the stories about how bad someone has had with their services. I would recommend Dr. Geders to anyone who is in any pain. He is excellent at his profession. Thank you so much, Dr. Geders.

- James C.

I had been to 6 doctors in 3 months, being told I had a slightly bulged disc in my neck. Yet no one could relieve the pain I was having. The bulge was not severe enough for surgery, so therapy was requested, which I tried, that didn't work either. I was told in order to relieve my symptoms of migraine headaches and paralyzing pain, numbness in my hands, arms, neck and shoulders that I would have to resort to shots. In my opinion that was only going to cover up the problem and not fix it in any way. So I tried one more option. I saw Dr. Geders. That was the best choice I have ever made. I no longer have pain of any kind from stopping me at doing everyday activities. At first I will admit, I thought after my first treatment, that Dr. Geders didn't really do anything. How was the treatment I just received going to do anything? But I kept a positive outlook and after my second visit I was not feeling much, if any pain at all! Dr. Geders even called me at home just to see how I was feeling. I was amazed. To think I've really found someone who really cares about helping me! So, if you, too are a little bit unsure at first about what Dr. Geders can do for you, don't be. In my own opinion, it was worth staying positive and doing what he asked, and I think you too will feel the same as I do now after my treatments have become fewer and farther between.

- Kamie A., Roanoke, IN

In September of 2003 I was diagnosed with a herniated disk causing excruciating pain in my lower back, left hip and left leg. After much thought, I decided to proceed with surgery. One year after the surgery, the pain was twice as bad as before. The surgeon suggested fusion of three of my vertebra. For the next two years, I took pain medications at very high doses to decrease my never ending pain, which caused high levels of depression and anxiety. After at least ten epidurals and nearly two years of pain medications, I had lost all hope. After hearing the testimony of many others who had been under Dr. Geders' care, I thought "What do I have to lose?" He indicated to me that if I followed his instructions to the letter, I should experience significant relief. He used the Impulse Instrument. It is a painless procedure in which a specified level of pressure is applied at precise locations of pain on the spine, back, neck, leg, etc. Four months after I started the treatments, I was nearly pain free. I was like a new man. For the first time in nearly four years, I was no longer on any type of prescription medications, including over the counter medications. Every day I ride my bike, spend time in the gym, walk up a flight of stairs, sit on the floor playing games with my children, reach for something in a cabinet, drive my car, and all of the simple tasks we take for granted every day. I encourage anyone who reads this testimony to give Dr. Geders and chiropractic care a chance.

With much thanks and extreme gratitude,
- John Wenning, Huntington, IN

I couldn't move my head down to look at my feet without sharp pains in my mid back. I couldn't work the way that I used to before the accident that occurred at work. I was a little skeptical about coming to the chiropractor, but I'm glad I did. I had hurt myself the same way about two years ago and the pain that I had the first time seemed the same as this time. The first time I saw a medical doctor and it took about 2 weeks for the pain to subside. After I came to Dr. Geders, after the first visit, I could tell a huge difference in my pain. I think I recovered 3 times faster than I did my first accident since I came to Dr. Geders.

Justin M.

I had headaches daily and migraines at least once a month for years. After seeing Dr. Geders for a month, I have not had a migraine since and my daily headaches have gone away, too. I feel a lot better and knowing that when I wake up in the mornings that I am not going to have a headache is a great feeling. Dr. Geders has been wonderful!! I would recommend him to my family and friends. Thank you, Dr. Geders!

- Jennifer M.

I had been involved in a car accident which totaled my vehicle. I had neck and lower back pain that became worse after the accident. I had been treated by Dr. Geders when I lived in Huntington years ago. There was no question I wanted him to treat me, so I drove from Warsaw about 40 miles for my treatments. My range of motion and pain levels have been greatly improved. I can do more now than I was able before the accident. The treatments are very comfortable and fast and Dr. Geders and staff are the Best!

-- David Burks ,Warsaw In

I experienced low back pain to the point my legs would "fall asleep" shortly after sitting down. I also experienced a "burning" in the upper trapezius area. My neck area was a continual irritation that made some days difficult. What a relief! I now rest comfortably, sleep more soundly, and have better flexibility. The I.Q. Impulse treatment feels wonderful and provided nearly immediate relief for me. Dr. Geders manner & presentation and office personnel are outstanding.

-- Michael Yordy , Andrews In

I was having 2 migraines a week that caused me to cancel plans and activities because I was in so much pain. Going outside added to the severness of pain which caused me to stay inside my home. I had been to a doctor several times and even had a C.T. scan. Nothing was working for me.

I have NOT had a migraine since I began treatments at Dr. Geders office. I can now schedule activities without fear of having to cancel. I can go outside again, take walks and play with my daughter. My whole quality of life is improved. I FEEL SO GOOD NOW! The treatments are relaxing and I felt good leaving the office.

-- Tracy Walter, Huntington In

I was experiencing lower back pain caused by inflammation; sciatic pain in the left and right side; stiffness after sitting for long periods of time; soreness while sleeping or moving in bed. It was difficult to get through the day or night without taking anti-inflammatory medications; rising from a sitting position without using my hands to pick myself up, or going upstairs without using the hand rails to pull myself up.

Since receiving chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Geders, my flexibility in the hips has improved tremendously. I have no more sciatic pain or inflammation. I don't need assistance in rising from sitting or going upstairs and I have no stiffness after sitting. I stand with equal pressure on both feet and am able to walk free of pain. I am no longer taking any medication. I can do all my usual work and if I get sore, it is gone by the next day, whereas prior to chiropractic care I would have to take medication to get past the pain. I had never before been to a chiropractor. I had spent a number of years on prescription anti-inflammatory medication and wanted a better option to deal with my pain. Dr. Geders had been recommended to me so I thought I would give it a try and have been so thankful that I did!

-- Patricia McCloskey, Huntington, IN