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Communication and Documnetation

* "Dr. Geders is in constant contact with us on each case."
Keith Eller – Shuttleworth, Inc.

* "I am most impressed with the follow-up and documentation by Dr. Geders and his staff, I receive step by step reports as to the progress and status of each employee being treated."
Ron Rivers – Safety Director, Transwheel Corporation

* "The progress reports, documentation and willingness to work with the representative from Atlantic Mutual were all appreciated."
Madonna Jeffers – Administrator, Our Lady of Victory Missionary

* "Immediately following an appointment with one of our referred employees we receive an update. The reports are comprehensive and he invites us to call him directly if there are any questions regarding the patient's status or progress. Communications are completely open!"
Jay Osborn – Plant Human Resources Manager, Wabash Technologies

* "One of the most impressive things about Dr. Geders is the open communication between his office staff and employer. Dr. Geders faithfully keeps the employer updated about the patient's condition by sending progress reports on a regular basis. If an employee fails to show up for an appointment, he makes sure that we are notified so that the matter can be taken care of."
Jeanette Jena – Human Resource Manager, Memcor-Truohm, Inc.

* "The follow-up and communications from Dr. Geders and his office staff have been prompt and thorough."
Danielle Ridley, LPN – Occupational Health Nurse, United Technologies Electronic Controls