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Cost Effectiveness

*"I am pleased to report to you that as we near the first anniversary of utilizing your services as a provider for our workers' compensation cases that cost is down significantly. While several factors are a part of this, the services that you have provided us are without question a major part of these cost reductions. In fact our cost for calendar year 2002 are showing over a 75% reduction when compared to 2001."
Michael Sorg – Safety and Environmental Engineer, Autoliv North America

* "Overall there has been an approximately 23% cost reduction in our low back injuries, miscellaneous sprains and strains, and repetitive motion cases."
Jim Burns – Personnel Director, Eagle Picher Plastic

* "We have noticed a tremendous reduction in the costs associated with repetitive motion injuries since we started referring our employees to Dr. Geders. The reduction of lost work days and the decreased cost of treatment has been a blessing."
Jeanette Jena – Human Resources Manager, Memcor-Truohm, Inc.

* "Dr. Stephen Geders has been treating employees of the Fort Wayne General Motors Assembly Plant for about a year. I have been impressed by the fact that work compensation costs have decreased. At the same time lost time from work has been minimized."
J. Carlos Espinosa, MD – Medical Director, General Motors Fort Wayne Assembly

* "Between 1989 and 1992 our repetitive motion injuries cost almost $200,00 for surgery and back injury surgery over $100,00 with lost work days totaling 1,000 days, all for only 15 employees. From June 1992 through June 1993 a total of 33 employees were treated in your office for a total cost of $12,067. None of the 33 employees have required surgery."
Richard Weyler – Personnel Manager, Preferred Hose and Coupling

* "With your help, I am able to provide a health service to our employees that otherwise may not be considered. The economic advantage to our company and our employees is highly significant and much appreciated."
Maurice Cossairt – Vice President, ALH Building Systems

* "We are very pleased with the results we have seen regarding cost for the employee."
Joni Ehler – Personnel Administrator, Maco Corporation

*" In a recent comparison we did, (regarding repetitive motion, lower back and miscellaneous sprain/strain injury) contrasting chiropractic cost to a medical company physician costs for the same type of injuries, we discovered a drastic cost reduction in favor of the chiropractic treatments."
Karen Jackson – Personnel Manager, Eagle Picher Plastics

* "The injury costs prior to Dr. Geders were what I would consider out of control. Sending patients from one doctor to another almost weekly, including physical therapy at high cost. The cost of medical treatment has dropped tremendously under Dr. Geders."
Keith Eller – Employee Benefits Manager, Shuttleworth, Inc.

* "I found that his services were very affordable."
Richard Weigman – Corporate Director of Human Resources, Wayne Metal Products Co., Inc.

* "The cost of treatment is substantially less than traditional medical treatment."
Ronda Smelser – Branch Manager, Pro Resources. Inc.

* "Our workers' compensation insurance company was open to Dr. Geders' method of treatment, especially since they would not have to pay any surgical related expenses and disability payments for time off recuperating."
Diane Brumbaugh – Business Office Coordinator, Pathfinder Services, Inc.

* "Our relationship with Dr. Geders has been cost efficient and beneficial to UTEC."
Danielle Ridley, LPN – Occupational Health Nurse, United Technologies Electronic Controls