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Employer Satisfaction

* "I must say my opinion of utilization of chiropractic has changed dramatically since we began our relationship with Dr. Geders. You not only approach treatment of our compensation claimants with an extreme amount of professionalism, but you also seem to be quite aware of what the limitations of the chiropractic profession are. You have always been very open to referring the claimants to a specialist if, after a reasonable amount of time, there has been no marked improvement in their condition"
Mark Ver – Resident Claims Adjuster, Liberty Mutual

* "I highly recommend Dr. Geders to any organization that wishes to reduce accidents, cut costs and provide professional treatment to their employees."
Ed Peters – Manager, Human Resources, Autoliv North America

* "I would also like to take this opportunity to say that the level of service that I receive from all your staff is first rate, professional and friendly. We look forward to you remaining as a member of our team to manage these challenges and cost as efficiently as possible."
Michael Sorg – Safety and Environmental Engineer, Autoliv North America

* "Since coming on board in March of 1993, you have significantly contributed to our ongoing safety campaign to reduce costs of treatment associated with injuries."
Jim Burn – Personnel Director, Eagle Picher Plastic

* "We have gained more respect from our employees because they know we care about them as individuals first and employees second."
Mike Johnson – Human Resource Manager, Hayes Wheels Intl.

* "Memcor-Truohm, Inc. is very fortunate to be able to utilize the services of Dr. Stephen Geders. The reduction of lost work days and the decreased cost of treatment have been a blessing and we look forward to a lasting relationship with him and his staff."
Jeanette Jena – Human Resource Manager, Memcor-Truohm, Inc.

* "Our relationship with Dr. Geders has been cost efficient and beneficial to UTEC."
Danielle Ridley, L.P.N. - United Technologies Electronic Control

* "We have found Dr. Geders' treatment of our employees very satisfactory."
Robert M. Scott – President, Friction Material

* "We are very pleased with the results we have seen regarding lost work days, cost and rehabilitation for the employee."
Joni Ehler – Personnel Administrator, Maco Corporation

*" We have been using the services of Dr. Geders' office for the last year; I have been very satisfied with the results to date. I would recommend Dr. Geders' practice to any company that desires cost effective management, quality care and excellent service."
Ron Rivers – Safety Director, Transwheel Corporation

* "I commend you for your interest in working with various organizations both for the employee and the company. I certainly appreciated all the information concerning the Workers' Compensation law and the amendment to the law that became effective July 1, 1988."
Madonna Jeffers – Administrator, Our Lady of Victory Missionary

* "Dr. Geders is a true professional and we highly value his involvement and the role he plays in our workers' compensation program."
Jay Osborn – Plant Human Resources Manager, Wabash Technologies