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* "We had an employee of City Beverage who injured his low back while delivering soft drinks and beer to one of our customers. Initially, we sent him to Fort Wayne Orthopedics where he was treated there for three months. In addition, the employee was off work for the entire treatment time. At the end of his treatment and therapy, they performed a Functional Capacity Evaluation, deemed him unable to return to his regular work and placed him on permanent restrictions.

We then sent him to Dr. Geders and in four weeks of treatment he was released to return to work without restrictions. Before we accepted him back, we sent him back to Fort Wayne Orthopedics for another Functional Capacity Evaluation. Following the evaluation, and just one month after he was given permanent restrictions, they concurred with Dr. Geders' assessment and released him to full duty without restrictions. He continues to work at this position, which required heavy lifting for a number of years, and did not experience a recurrence of his injury."

Gary Bauer – Safety Director, City Beverage (Presently known as Five Star Distributing

* "In the past year, we have been quite satisfied with the results of your relationship with our insureds. I would wholeheartedly recommend your practice to any of my colleagues who are involved in workers' compensation and disability management."
Mark Ver – Resident Claims Adjuster, Liberty Mutual

"We have been fortunate to know Dr. Stephen Geders and to utilize his expertise when an alternative method of treatment appears to be appropriate. He has been especially successful at treating employees with symptoms resembling cumulative trauma disorders. He has been quick to respond to our request for an appointment and evaluation, and his feedback has always been thorough and timely, as well."
Jay Osborn – Plant Human Resources Manager, Wabash Technologies

"As you know, the employees we have sent your way have had various problems stemming from lifting and-or twisting with varying degrees of pain. Without exception, you have helped our people, not only with treatment, but also training in proper mechanics. Your program has replaced the traditional drugs, therapy, spend-lots-of-time-and-money process. In every case, they have been back to work quickly. Additionally, what they learn from you helps them stay healthier by preventing injury."
Maurice Cossairt – Vice President, ALH Building Systems

"We had one associate that had been in the care of our company doctor for a period of nine weeks and going through the physical therapy program the company doctor had ordered. Later, she was sent to a surgeon and scheduled for surgery for carpal tunnel. At the time I requested for her to be seen by Dr. Geders before authorizing surgery for her. She saw Dr. Geders for a period of seven weeks and was released with a 0% PPI rating and was able to cancel the surgery. She is currently working with no pain while performing her regular duties and enjoying outside activities. Even though there are several medical facilities around this area, we sent our associates over 40 miles away to Dr. Geders' office because we know that he will give quality treatment with terrific results. Now that we have seen the progress that Dr. Geders has been able to achieve, we send all of our closed treatment associates to him for evaluation. We intend to continue our association with Dr. Geders for future implementation of ergonomic treatments."
David Keller – Safety Coordinator, Robert Bosch Corporation

* "I was at first skeptical because of various comment I had heard about somewhat less than desirable chiropractic care from various practitioners. Dr. Geders assured me that he offered quality care at a reasonable price. I proceeded to use Dr. Geders for our employees who had incurred back injures and have found that his treatment and success rate were what he had presented them to be. I have no qualms in recommending him."
Richard Weigman – Corporate Director of Human Resources, Wayne Metal Products Co., Inc.

* "Within 9 short visits and treatment, my wrist and hand strength doubled."
Diane Brumbaugh – Business Office Coordinator, Pathfinder Services, Inc.

* "Our thanks for your genuine and personal concern for the care and treatment of each employee."
Jim Burns- Personnel Director, Eagle Picher Plastic

* "I have found Dr. Geders to be very thorough, caring person whose treatment benefited our associates."
Zoe Liebrich, R.N. - Occupational Health Nurse, Magnetek

* "In the past four years we have been extremely impressed with the professionalism of the office staff and your genuine concern for the care and treatment of each of our employees."
Karen Jackson – Personnel Manager, Eagle Picher Plastics

* "His new techniques in back fitness and educational tools have been a positive aspect during the healing process."
Danielle Ridley, L.P.N. - Occupational Health Nurse, United Technologies Electronic Controls

* "We would recommend him to anyone who might have problems with repetitive motion injuries."
Jeanette Jena – Human Resources Manager, Memcor-Truohm, Inc.

* "Traditional medical treatment seemed to result in repeat injuries to the same muscles and long-term, expensive physical therapy or major surgery. When Dr. Geders has treated our employees with similar injuries we have been thrilled with the results."
Ronda Smelser – Branch Manager, Pro Resources. Inc.

* "There has been no recurrence of problems by any of the patient treated."
Ron Rivers – Safety Director, Transwheel Corporation

* "Several of our employees have come back from receiving treatment and commented on how gentle and concerned you were about their well being."
Mike Johnson- Human Resource Manager, Hayes Wheels Intl.