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Safety & Injury Prevention

* "Dr. Geders has been an active partner in our plant's accident prevention and work hardening programs for the past six years. As a professional chiropractor, Dr. Geders used his expertise to help us critique new and existing equipment for potential safety/ergonomic problems. In addition, he regularly watched our employees at their work stations to assist them in using better handling techniques, thus avoiding injuries and making their jobs easier. Thanks to his involvement, we've experienced some very dramatic results:

  • Reduced repetitive motion injuries
  • Reduced sprains, strains and ergonomic issues
  • Reduced workers' compensation costs
  • Increased employee morale

"News of his success with our employees spread fast, and eventually three neighboring companies also began sending their employees in for treatment at our facility."
Ed Peters – Manager, Human Resources, Autoliv North America

* "As a preventative measure, you have been more than willing to consult with our employees who have reported general aches. After consulting with the employee and visiting their work stations, you have provided numerous suggestions that the company was able to implement such as changes to the workstation, hand tools, or fixtures, specific exercises, and ergonomic motions which have helped many of the employees to the point that their problems were resolved. This early intervention has reduced the number of recordable injuries that we have had.

We implemented the structured exercise program that we asked you to develop for our manufacturing personnel last July. We require all manufacturing personnel to do the set of exercises as a group twice daily during their shift. We feel that the few minutes it takes to do the exercises enhance the employee's productivity and reduces the likelihood of some repetitive trauma injuries."
Carol Reilly – Human Resource Manager, Ultra Electronics, Undersea Sensor Systems, Inc.

* "A major factor in Dr. Geders' effectiveness is his knowledge of our operations and specific jobs. He has made several visits to our facilities to become familiar with the employee's jobs and the causative relationship to the employee's problems. He has also been instrumental in applying ergonometric principles to the employee's jobs to alleviate or prevent future occurrences."
Jay Osborn – Plant Human Resources Manager, Wabash Technologies

* "Awareness and training sessions that you have provided to much of our management and supervision staff have increased these team leaders' ability to prevent or reduce ergonomic problems on their teams. Additionally, when it has been necessary, you have provided, at no charge, on site individual consultations that have made good productive employees even better and solved or greatly improved their ergonomic situation."
Michael Sorg – Safety and Environmental Engineer, Autoliv North America

* "I have used Dr. Geders to review our repetitive motion activities in our assembly operations, as well as training staff and supervisors in order to assist in the reduction and elimination of these types of injuries."
James Price – Personnel Manager, United Technologies Automotive

* "The education that he gives the employee and the exercises that are taught are extremely beneficial in reducing the chances of re-injury."
Jeanette Jena – Human Resource Manager, Memcor-Truohm, Inc.

* "The improvements in our workers' compensation have come about not only from the initial treatment, but through follow-up exercise programs given by yourself and your staff to prevent recurrences of injuries. We are particularly pleased with your work on cumulative trauma disorders. I believe if our employees follow your exercise programs and through our mutual cooperation, we will continue to have success in this area."
Jim Burns – Personnel Manager, Eagle Picher Plastics

* "Dr. Geders has come to our facility several times to educate our employees on the prevention and avoidance of permanent damage regarding cumulative trauma and acute injury i.e. carpal tunnel and back injuries."
Danielle Ridley, LPN – Occupational Health Nurse, United Technologies Controls