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Reduced Time Lost From Work

* "Prior to your services, one of the biggest cost drivers for our workers' compensation with traditional medical care was the imposition of work restrictions for "one-handed work" on employees that we were unable to accommodate in our assembly operation. As a result of these restrictions, employees were placed on disability leave under workers' compensation until the restriction was lifted so that the employees could resume bilateral use of their hands. We have not incurred any lost time injuries as a result of our inability to accommodate work restrictions since employees have been under your care."
Carol Reilly – Human Resource Manager, Ultra Electronics, Undersea Sensor Systems, Inc.

* "I have found his success rate in returning employees to work quite high."
Richard Weigman – Corporate Director of Human Resources, Wayne Metal Products Co., Inc.

* "There has also been a marked decrease in actual work days lost at our insured's Huntington facility since they have began utilizing Dr. Geders D.C. services."
Mark Ver – Resident Claims Adjuster, Liberty Mutual Ins.

* "There has been a considerable improvement in lost time days away from work."
Jim Burns- Personnel Director, Eagle Picher Plastic

* "Our low back injury lost time days went from an average of 21 days off work to 1.29 days off work, which is outstanding. Repetitive motion incidents totaled 36 cases which resulted in only eight days of lost time. This again is very good."
Mike Johnson- Human Resource Manager, Hayes Wheels Intl.

* "I have not had a lost time injury case for all referrals handled by Dr. Geders."
Jim Price – Personnel Director, United Technologies Automotive

* "We have noticed a tremendous reduction in the number of lost work days and costs associated with repetitive motion injuries since we started referring our employees to Dr. Geders."
Jeanette Jena – Human Resources Manager, Memcor-Truohm, Inc.

*"We have experienced no loss of work time and less treatment time per injury with a reduction in treatment cost."
Ron Rivers – Safety Director, Transwheel Corporation

* "Dr. Geders was able to resolve back injuries while eliminating lost time for our associates."
Zoe Liebrich, R.N. – Occupational Health Nurse, Magnetek

* "We have noted the expedient return to work with our employees versus those who have been treated by the conventional methods."
Danielle Ridley, L.P.N. – Occupational Health Nurse, United Technologies Electronic Controls

* "We have compared his treatment in regards to employees' length of absence and the help they have received in relationship to our past experience with other doctors. We have found Dr. Geders' treatment of our employees very satisfactory."
Robert M. Scott – President, Friction Material Company, Inc.

* "Dr. Geders has been able to treat our employees and return them to work earlier than any facility we have used in the past."
Joni Ehler – Personnel Administrator, Maco Corporation

* "Our lost work days had dropped tremendously with Dr. Geders."
Keith Eller – Personnel Director, Shuttleworth, Inc.

* "You were very instrumental in getting the employee back to a regular schedule as quickly as possible. Pain and suffering to the employee and lost time to the employer are both major areas and for that we say, 'thank you for a job well done'."
Madonna Jeffers – Administrator, Our Lady of Victory Missionary

* "There has been a significant reduction in lost work days and time taken for an employee to return to work with no physical restrictions."
Karen Jackson – Personnel Director, Eagle Picher Plastics

* "Employees were rarely restricted to light-duty and almost never lost a day of work."
Ronda Smelser – Branch Manager, Pro Resources, Inc.